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Welcome to the Balanced Advisor Podcast with Dr. Travis Parry. We want to help financial advisors achieve balance in their lives. If you're an advisor who has struggled to make time for the important things in your life both in and out of the office, then this show is for you.

Join Travis for new episodes each week that will feature interviews with advisors from across the country. They'll share their personal stories of struggles and successes when it comes to striking that proper work/life balance. Travis will also interview other financial industry peers to connect advisors with other valuable resources that can hep them live a balanced life.

Dr. Travis Parry began his career as a financial advisor in 2002. Over the next decade he developed an interest in helping individuals and couples manage and plan for their lives in more ways than just their finances. The shift turned into a new business, new goals, and a few books along the way. Eventually, Travis founded the Make Time Institute with the specific goal of helping financial professionals and business owners achieve work/life balance.

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Feb 3, 2022

On today’s episode, we are joined by Keena Pettijohn, the founder of the Lifelogixs consultant firm, a program helping people achieve health, wealth, and happiness through technological solutions. With more than three decades in the industry, she has seen advisors struggle on every level. She’s highlighting the emotional relationship we have with our money and how having deeper conversations can help us achieve balance. 

When developing her own business, Lifelogixs she had to clearly define her niche, her market, and her unique value. As she approached her 60s, she came to the realization that she no longer wanted to define herself by someone else’s corporate title, creating a business based on her own value systems instead. 

We live in a hybrid world and advisors can really struggle with their virtual persona. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc. How do you navigate technology and how can it help you be a more empathetic and balanced advisor? Lifelogix is helping advisors assess their unique value proposition and differentiate them in the financial industry. 

Join us today as we further discuss: 

  • Keena’s experience with balance working on wall street
  • The moment she realized she needed to make a change
  • How to develop an in-person persona and a virtual persona 
  • Having empathy and kindness within the financial industry 
  • How Lifelogixs is helping advisors stand out in the financial industry 


1:21 – Keena’s path into this industry 

3:07 – Her definition of balance 

6:05 – Her own struggles with balance

9:14 – Experience working on wall street 

12:21 – What made her change?

15:26 – Struggles advisors face

21:54 – About Lifelogixs 

28:33 – How Lifelogixs helps advisors 

30:46 – Finding your target market

34:51 – Closing thoughts from Keena 



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